This was a two-day project that included fine grading and asphalt installation on a private, single–family home in rural Yamhill County. The homeowner had been adding crushed rock to the driveway for over twenty years, so much of the preparatory work involved using an excavator and dump trucks to relocate the surplus rock to other areas on the property. Afterwards, the crew began fine grading and compacting the base to make sure all of the surface water would flow away from the home and other structures. This was particularly challenging because the surrounding landscape and buildings allowed for very little slope to be built in. The crew arrived the following day will several rollers, dump trucks and service vehicles, tractors, hand tools and a mid-sized paver to install three inches of asphalt on the grade. The work was completed by late afternoon and both the homeowner and our field staff were very pleased with the drainage and overall fit and finish of the pavement.