Are you ready to take your drab and dusty driveway to a whole new level? Paving your driveway adds style, durability, and value to your home. Before you make any final decisions, take the time to ask these five questions about paving. 

Material Choice

Before you go full steam ahead with your paving plans, you need to determine what type of material is best for you. Each choice comes with pros and cons; the right choice for you will depend on your location, price range, time frame, and desired design. Talk with multiple contractors about which material is best suited for your project and why, before making your final choice. 

Cost Estimate

Depending on the material that you choose, you will have a different price point for your project. However, before most contractors will give you an estimate, they will need to see the property. Reputable contractors often offer a no-obligation free estimate, so you can have a variety of potential contractors inspect the property and give you an idea of what the project will be. Experienced contractors may even offer alternative ideas or point out aspects that you had not yet considered, which is why getting a variety of opinions will help you to choose the best option. 

As well, ask about additional fees. Ensure that you know of every possible cost that could get added to your grand total so that there are no surprises when the final bill comes. 

Potential Damage

By paving, there is a chance of damage to the surrounding area. While extensive damage to your beautiful flowerbeds or intricate sprinkler systems shouldn’t be a necessity, it is best to ask potential damage. Talk with your contractor about what steps you and they can take to protect your landscaping; you may even want to consider asking for a written guarantee just in case of unexpected damage. 

Time Estimate

How long is this going to take? Speak with your contractor on how long they estimate the project will take so that you can appropriately plan your calendar around it. Also, ask if there could be any reason for delays such as weather, late materials, or other projects taking precedent. 

Quality of the Contractor

Hiring a trustworthy and experienced contractor is key to ensuring a high-quality project. Before choosing a contract, make sure to ask about their experience, certifications, accreditations, past jobs in the area, and ask for references that you can contact to verify their claims. Make sure to take the time to vet your contractor before signing a contract. 

You know which questions to ask, so now it is time to contact a contractor. Signature Paving is an experienced company that has your best interests in mind. Contact us today to schedule your estimate.