Are you thinking about paving your driveway, but you aren’t sure if it is worth it? Paving a driveway may appear to be an expensive and daunting task upfront, but the results will save you both time and money as well as improving the appearance and value of your home. Still undecided? Check out these six reasons to get your driveway paved. 

Aesthetically Pleasing

One of the biggest perks of paving your driveway is that it goes from a disheveled mess to an aesthetically pleasing feature. Clean lines, one of a kind designs, and a style that suits your home will improve the overall look of your home. 


Gravel driveways kick up endless dust in the summer and cake your car in mud during the winter. By paving your driveway, you will be adding cleanliness to your life. Your vehicles, garage, shoes, pets, and family members will all be cleaner before they come tromping into the house. In addition to that, paved driveways are easier on your cars. Your axels are not being jostled around on a bumpy road, but get a smooth ride. 

Less Maintenance

Paved driveways need much less maintenance than their gravel counterparts. Once your driveway is paved, you will no longer need to worry about filling potholes, adding more gravel, or smoothing out the edges. As well, paved driveways are designed with drainage in mind. Water will slick off the driveway easily instead of creating a lake on top as gravel driveways do. Lastly, once winter hits, a paved driveway is going to be your best friend. Ice and snow removal are much easier with a paved driveway than a gravel one! 


Paved driveways are durable. Unlike gravel driveways that continuously need to be refilled, paved driveways last for a long time. If installed and maintained correctly, a paved driveway can last up to 20 years! Imagine how much gravel you would have to purchase in 20 years for a standard driveway, it would be a lot! You will end up saving money and having a higher quality product by paving your driveway.  


Driveways are where games of epic proportions take place! However, no one wants to play basketball or soccer on a gravel driveway. By paving your driveway, you are providing a smooth surface for playtime with family and friends. Not only that, but it offers extra safety for everyone. No one will be catching an ankle in a pothole if the driveway is paved. 

Higher Selling Value

Are you planning on selling your home in the future? Paved driveways have a much higher value in the real estate market. Gravel driveways can quickly look disheveled and unappealing, whereas paved driveways look pristine and clean-cut. That is what buyers are looking to find!