Is your parking lot starting to get old? Do you think that it may be time to repave, but you are not sure? Today, we are giving you our 7 signs its time to repave your parking lot so that you can know exactly what to look for and when it is time to call your local paving company!

1. Cracks

Cracks are one of the first signs of damage you will see in your parking lot as the elements continue to berate the asphalt. Cracks will lengthen and deepen over time, which can cause hazards for customers. If you can, you should repair the cracks immediately. Eventually, repairs will no longer work, and repaving will be necessary.

2. Dents

Dents or divots are damage that you should be aware of within your parking lot. They can occur from an exceptionally heavy vehicle remaining in one spot for an extended period of time or from the hits of machinery from trailers, tow trucks, or delivery trucks. Dents and divots attract water, which could eventually turn them into potholes.

3. Potholes

Everyone hates potholes. They are annoying to drive through, but they can also damage vehicles and be a safety concern for customers. If you have a pothole, it should be repaired immediately. Eventually, like cracks, repairs aren’t going to be enough, and you will need to repave or be at risk of liability issues.

4. Sun Damage

Everyone loves that new, dark look of a freshly done parking lot. It is classy, elegant, and gives your business a facelift. Over time, the sun’s harsh UV rays will lighten the parking lot and even discolor it in areas. This aging can make your business appear run down and tired, but repaving will bring it back to life!

5. Water

As we know, water is one of the main challenges of any type of construction, from roofing to paving. Water is able to find every weak spot and exploits it. If your parking lot is uneven, whether from the earth settling or wear and tear, the water will pool in specific spots. Besides, if drains get blocked or clogged, it can lead to even more water accumulation. The longer the water pools, the more damage it can cause to the parking lot; it can also be hazardous to pedestrians who could slip and fall. Therefore, if water is pooling in your parking lot, it may be time to get it repaved.

6. Warping

Over time, your parking lot will warp as the same space is driven on over again and again. If your parking lot frequently sees extra heavy vehicles or equipment, this will develop even faster. Warping causes your parking lot to be uneven, making it a tripping hazard for pedestrians and more susceptible to water pooling. If you see warping, it may be time to repave!

7. Faded Stripes

Beyond severe signs of damage, faded stripes are a key indicator that your parking lot is getting old. Rather than re-striping your lot just to have to get it re-done once it is time to repave, it is easiest to do a package bundle.

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