Winter is a beautiful season that encourages homeowners to spend more time at home, curled in front of the fireplace, or hosting snowball fights with their loved ones. Unfortunately, snow and ice do come with some chores, one being to remove it from your driveway if you need to get out and about. While it may seem annoying to shovel your driveway, it does allow you to take a good look at your asphalt and make note of any issues. Here are some warning signs winter can provide to indicate that you need a new driveway come spring.

#1: Snow Melt Pooling

As the snow melts, you will clearly see if your driveway is suffering from pooling, meaning that water collects in a puddle. Pooling occurs when a driveway doesn’t have proper drainage, or you have dips in the asphalt where the water can settle. When water pools, it can penetrate deeply into the driveway and initiate a host of other issues.

#2: New Potholes

While we hope that you patched all of your potholes before the winter season hit, there is a chance that more have appeared. Winter tends to produce more potholes due to the constant onslaught of snow, ice, and moisture combined with salts, studded tires, and tire chains. Potholes can become a hazard to people and cars alike, so they are a clear sign of needing a new driveway.

#3: Cracks Starting or Getting Larger

A crack can start as a tiny fracture in the driveway, no bigger than a fingernail. Slowly, water and debris will seep into the gap, forcing it to get bigger and bigger. Cracks are easy to repair when they are small, but they get more expensive and challenging the larger they get. If you notice a crack, it should be repaired as soon as possible.

#4: Poor Aesthetics

While one may think that basing a driveway replacement on aesthetics is vain, it actually is a clear warning sign. When the snow finally melts away and the sun shines down on your driveway, you will be able to notice if there are any discoloration, dents, tiny cracks, or if it simply looks old. When you see these poor aesthetics, your driveway is telling you that it is getting old and that other problems will likely soon arise. While you don’t have to act immediately, you will probably want to start preparing for a driveway replacement within the following year.

Signature Paving – Asphalt Repair & Replacement

During the winter season, repairs and replacements can be challenging. If you require a repair, we can offer our repair services whenever the weather permits. For total driveway replacements, you will likely need to wait until the weather holds for longer than a week. Need help figuring out what you need? Give us a call today for an inspection and estimate. We can explain what services will benefit you best and when we can make them happen. For more information, please complete our contact form.