As a new homeowner with an unpaved driveway, you may be wondering if it is worth getting your driveway paved or if you should just leave it. Today, we explain the advantages of paving your driveway and how it will benefit you long-term.

Advantages of Paving Your Driveway

1. Minimal Maintenance

The first advantage of paving your driveway is that it requires less maintenance than a dirt or gravel driveway. Dirt and gravel are constantly shifting and may get washed away by heavy rains. That leads you to constantly having to sweep gravel off the main road in the summer, fill potholes in the spring, and attempt to shovel snow in the winter without shoveling away your driveway.

The benefits long-term is that you will spend less time and money keeping up the maintenance. At most, you will need to wash off your driveway after big storms and add a new sealcoating every couple of years.

2. Cleanliness

Unpaved driveways are dirty. That leaves you with dirty cars, kids, pets, and all that dirt being tracked inside the house.

Your home and vehicles will stay cleaner longer with a paved driveway rather than having mud in the winter and dust in the summer. For a look at what driveway spring cleaning looks like, click HERE.

3. Functionality

Not only are paved driveways better for the longevity of your vehicles, as they jostle the car less, but a paved driveway is a great place for playtime. Whether you want to teach your kids to shoot hoops, ride a bike, or play soccer, a paved driveway offers a smooth, safe place for them to learn and play.

There is nothing worse than taking a header into gravel, so save your kids from endless tears and band-aids by investing in a paved driveway.

4. Aesthetics

Unpaved driveways often look messy, detracting from the beauty of your new home. They are dirty, dull, and certainly don’t provide that “WOW” first impression when someone comes to visit.

By paving your driveway, you can have clean lines, unique designs, and a style that matches the aesthetic of your home for years to come.

5. Return on Investment

Lastly, unpaved driveways aren’t worth much, especially if they are just dirt or grass. While gravel is worth a little more, it eventually wears away, and your investment disappears under the strength of Mother Nature.

By investing in a paved driveway, you are investing in the value of your property. Since we know that driveways can last up to 20 years with proper care, that provides you with a serious long-term benefit! Plus, repaving is substantially easier and cheaper than starting from scratch. Therefore, if you think you will sell at any point in the future, you will likely have a higher selling value for your home.

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