Let it snow, let it snow, wait, no…don’t do that! As a home or business owner, you will likely face the challenges of snow each winter season. You want to ensure that your family or customers are able to move safely to and from your home or business. To do that, you will need to apply these snow removal techniques for your pavement.


While it isn’t fun, shoveling the driveway is the preferred method of snow removal by most individuals because it is cheap. Please remember to use a plastic shovel, as metal can damage the concrete. However, if you have a big space to cover or are no longer young and spry, this option may not be all that appealing. You want to try one of the following.


Using chemicals or salts to de-ice the driveway has mixed opinions. While it is effective, it can have adverse effects on the surrounding environment and pets. If you are going to use chemicals, please do your research to determine what is recommended for your area, and use it as minimally as possible.

Snow Blowing

Snow blowing is a lot of fun! If you are in a location with frequent snow events, you may want to invest in a snowblower. While it is a pricey investment and involves a fair about of preparation and maintenance, it is much easier than shoveling the whole driveway or parking lot.

Surface Mats

When it comes to surface mats, they often sound better in theory than they are in practicality. For it to work, you have to have it laid out and turned on before the storm hits. However, unless you buy one with snow sensors, it can waste a fair amount of electricity waiting for the snow. If you are home often enough to beat the snow and turn on the mat, go for it. Otherwise, you may be caught unaware and then have a useless mat.

Heated Driveways

Heated driveways are the most expensive option, but if you are in an area that sees frequent snow, they may be worth the investment. Call your local paving specialists to see what heated driveway systems are available and to get a quote on an installation.

Hire Someone

If none of the above options sound appealing, the easiest choice would be to hire someone else. If you live in an area of frequent heavy snow or have large parking lots that will need snow removal, we recommend that you seek out a snow removal company in advance to see their available plans and to be put on their schedule. Snow and ice removal companies will have all the necessary tools ready to go, from snow plows to snow blowers and more.

However, if you live in an area of infrequent snow but have a storm passing through, you may want to reach out to your neighbors to see if any of the neighborhood teenagers wish to earn some extra cash.