Is it time to replace an old driveway, repave your business’s parking lot, or get a new paving project completed? If you are looking to complete a  project, you are probably wondering when it is the best time to do it? The best time for paving services is when the temperature and other outdoor elements are just right. Here we will discuss how temperature determines the best time to complete a paving project.


When it comes to choosing the best time to get a paving project completed, the main thing to consider is temperature. There are three minimum temperatures needed to get the optimal elements to create a successful paving project. First, you have air temperature. At a minimum, you want 50°F, with the sweet spot being around 70°F. Second, you have base temperature, which is the temperature of the ground. You can never lay asphalt when the ground is frozen or super soggy. Ideally, the minimum base temperature is 50°F or higher. Lastly, you have the hot-mix temperature.

When hot asphalt mix is created, the temperature lies between 270°F and 325°F, and it will quickly lose that heat as it is being transferred from the machine to the site. If the mix cools too quickly, it can be lumpy, leading to a rough surface instead of the smooth surface everyone desires. It will also retain more water over time, which can lead to faster deterioration. Now that we understand the three temperatures needed to create the perfect project, when should we start paving?

When is the Best time to Pave?Paved driveway

Given that temperature plays a significant factor in the paving process, it also determines the time of year when paving projects are at their prime. Of course, every region has different weather patterns; however, the best time to pave is between spring and fall. For spring, the ground will have to be no longer frozen and the temperatures averaging the required minimum before the project can begin. You can have paving projects completed all summer long; you just want to make sure that they are completed before the temperature cools back down again in fall.

Keep in mind that paving projects cannot be completed after heavy rainstorms as it affects how the mot asphalt mix flows and compacts. If you are in an area that is subject to heavy storms, be aware of this when scheduling a paving project.

Contact a Local Paving Specialist

Given that the paving season is limited, it frequently means that paving specialists will be booked far in advance. Don’t wait, but schedule an estimate and an installation date in advance. We suggest calling your installation specialist in early spring, which will likely get you on the calendar before the summer is completed. If you are already aware of a paving project that you would like completed as soon as the weather permits, call immediately so that you are at the top of the list!