Paving, whether it is a household driveway or a store parking lot, is a costly endeavor. That is why it is vital to keep your asphalt in tip-top shape so that it can extend the life of your investment. Here are our top 4 asphalt maintenance tips that you can do to keep your asphalt in prime condition for decades. 


  • Clean Regularly


The easiest way to maintain your asphalt is with consistent cleaning. Debris like trash, leaves, oil, or fuel can stain and weaken your asphalt. It is recommended that trash, oil, and fuel be cleaned up immediately with leaves being swept up once a month, at least. When winter comes, it is highly advised that snow is removed as often as is possible. Snow can be a hazard for drivers and pedestrians; snow hampers visibility and can affect driving mobility when it gets piled-up or turns to ice. If it is just your driveway, you can handle snow removal yourself; however, if you have a parking lot, you may want to have your employees clear the snow daily or hire a snow removal team.


  • Remove Standing Water


Water is one of the most damaging agents to construction projects, including asphalt. If the water can get under the base, you will find yourself fixing pothole after pothole. One of the indicators that you have a potential water problem is if there is a lot of standing water on your asphalt; usually, it can be found in indents or depressions in the asphalt. If this is the case, call your local pavement contractor to discuss solutions to this problem, such as installing an underdrain, drain inlet, or other method to guide the water away from your asphalt. 


  • Repair Potholes Immediately 


Let’s say that you do end up getting a pothole. The first objective would be to identify the source of the problem. Is it simply wear and tear, or was it something else, like water? Once you have identified the cause, you must patch up the pothole immediately. You don’t want them turning into big potholes that are expensive to repair and are hazardous to individuals, animals, and machinery.


  • Use Proper Products


Not all pavement products are suitable for the health of your asphalt. For example, in the winter, you shouldn’t use rock salt as it is highly corrosive and will end up damaging your asphalt more than helping it. You want to ensure that you are always using proper products for your pavement type and environmental conditions. The best product that you can apply to your asphalt is sealcoating. Sealcoating is added to the top of your asphalt, where it protects it from natural elements like sun and rain as well as human-made elements like oil and debris. Speak with your local pavement specialist about what sealcoating option is best for your asphalt.  

By following these 4 asphalt maintenance tips, you will maintain your asphalt and lengthen its lifespan by years!