Have you been researching the costs of paving? Perhaps you are looking to pave your driveway or a parking lot for your business? You may have seen project estimates being $3,000, $5,000, or $10,000. When estimating the costs of paving, it is generally based on the price of the materials and labor. A contractor can give you a tentative estimate based on the square feet required, but unexpected paving costs can drive that price up. Here is what to keep in mind when asking for a price estimate. 


Paving a straight line is different than paving an intricate design as it takes an increased amount of labor time to complete the task. Installing a unique driveway can make you the hit of the neighborhood but be prepared for increased labor costs depending on the style of the design. To avoid unexpected paving costs, have design plans drawn up in advance, so your contractor has a more in-depth understanding of what you are looking for to base your quote. 


Paving a hill is a greater task than a flat surface. The installation process will take more time because the installers will have to ensure that the hill consists of a flat and stable surface before proceeding as well as the increased time that it takes to pave a hill. If possible, ask your paving contractor to give an in-person estimate, so they can inspect the incline before providing the quote. 


If you have complicated landscaping that you want undisturbed, it means that the installation specialists will have to go to greater lengths than usual to meet your requests. Paving around or through gardens, trees, lawn art, drain systems, and other obstacles will extend the installation time, and thus increase the cost. If you need to have small trees and shrubs removed to complete the paving, you may want to consider doing it yourself or hiring a landscaper to take care of it before the paving process begins. 


One aspect that many individuals forget when budgeting for paving is sealcoating. While it is not a requirement, it is highly recommended to seal your asphalt. The sealant will protect your asphalt from the abuse of weather, water, and traffic, as well as fuel and oil spills. By sealing your asphalt, it will extend your pavement’s lifespan, but the upfront cost is something to keep in mind. 

Get a Quote

Paving specialists always try to provide an accurate quote when taking on a new job. The more details you have available in advance will mean more information for them to base their estimate and less unexpected costs for you. Contact your local paving specialist to speak with a specialist today to get started on your next paving project!