It is a sad truth that hundreds of people every year get scammed by con artists. Whether they are total fakes or unscrupulous contractors, thousands of dollars are lost by unsuspecting homeowners. Today, we will teach you the warning signs of driveway paving scams so you can identify the scammers before they damage your home or wallet.

Warning Signs of a Scam

Unsolicited Offers

The first sign of a scam is a contractor coming to you. One of the most common scams is that they will show up on your doorstep claiming to have done some work nearby. They often offer a “great deal” due to extra asphalt or because they are already in the area. Unfortunately, if one falls for it, it often results in the contractor disappearing with your “upfront payment” or a shoddy job. Sometimes the scammers will do poor quality work and then demand even more money.

Lack of Online Representation

If you can’t find a contractor’s company online, they are likely a fake. You should always be able to find them and their company via a website and social media. However, that can also all be fake. We recommend that you double-check that they are on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) before considering a contractor for a job.

Also, make sure to look at reviews of a company after you find them online. If you see consistent negative reviews, they are obviously not good at their job.

No Written Contract

One of the best ways to scam someone is not to give them a contract.

No Contract = No Guarantees

Before starting any contract, make sure to get everything in writing. Reputable contractors will supply you with a verbal and written agreement that includes an estimate, a timeline, a detailed description of the tasks required, material costs, payment arrangements, warranty, and contingency plans.

High Upfront Payments

Another common scam is to claim a high upfront payment for services. While most contractors request a portion of the fee upfront to cover material and labor costs, it shouldn’t be a staggering amount.

Additionally, you want to note that the payment method is legit. By using a credit card to pay, you will have some peace of mind that the credit card company can cancel the charge if they scam you. If you are using a check, write it out to the company, not the individual. Lastly, we recommend never paying in cash or an electronic app as they can easily disappear after.

Choose a Contractor You Trust

Signature Paving is a company you can trust. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality services at an affordable rate. We never leave you in the dark, but take the time to explain every part of our service verbally and written in our contract. If you are searching for a paving contractor in NW Oregon or SW Washington State, please call us today for more information.

If you are not in our service area, we highly recommend that you research the BBB before choosing a contractor as well as reading our article on the 5 Questions You Should Ask Before Paving.