Are you tired of your worn-out-looking driveway or parking lot? It may still be in good condition functionally, but it looks old and sad. Fortunately, there is a quick and easy solution, sealcoating. In just a few short hours, you can take your asphalt pavement from dull to shiny black. Today, we are going to share with you the benefits of sealcoating.

What is Sealcoating?

Sealcoating is a thin layer of coal tar, asphalt emulsions, or acrylics applied over existing asphalt pavements. It is essentially like putting sunscreen on your skin. While it can’t fix existing cracks or damage, it can prevent future damage from UV rays, rain, snow, and artificial fluids.

The Benefits of Sealed Concrete

1. Extended Lifespan

When exposed to sunlight and rain, asphalt begins to oxidize, which causes cracking and other problems. A sealcoating helps keep these damages at bay, kind of like how sunscreen helps protect your skin from burning. In turn, this added protection helps to extend the lifespan of your paved surface.

2. Accelerated Melting

A paved surface with sealcoating is better protected from snow, ice, and frost because sealcoating accelerates the melting process. Not only does this help to protect your surface from potential damage, but it also provides a safer environment for those traversing your space.

3. A Fresh Look

Sealcoating pavement or asphalt provides a fresh, shiny black appearance. This fresh look will increase your curb appeal, whether you simply want to impress the neighbors, are looking to sell, or want to appeal to new customers. It comes as no surprise that a shiny new look creates a great first impression!

4. Quick and Easy

The process for sealcoating is quick and easy. It only takes a couple of hours, usually with only two applications. That’s it! However, we want to note that repairing any existing damage is vital to do BEFORE you sealcoat. For more information on common damage, click HERE.

Additionally, sealcoating is NOT a DIY job. Professional sealcoating contractors have access to higher-grade materials and the appropriate equipment that regular consumers can’t access. Plus, they have the training and experience to ensure that the job is completed correctly and safely.

5. Saves Money

Sealcoating your pavement or asphalt ends up saving you money in the long run because it helps to prevent minor damages that add up over time. While you should do sealcoating regularly, it is still way cheaper than replacement.

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