Each year, billions of tons of asphalt get poured for driveways, roads, and parking areas around the USA. Obviously, there are going to be mistakes along the way, but we don’t want them to happen to you! Therefore, we have created this list of 5 paving mistakes to watch out for!

5 Paving Mistakes to Watch Out For

#1: Hiring the Wrong Contractors

Hiring the right paving contractor team is critical to completing a satisfactory job. While it can be tempting to rush the hiring process, you must take the time to meet with at least three companies. After, you should investigate their claims, check their reviews, and ensure that they have all their proper licensing and insurance in place.

#2: Poor Planning

A common mistake that homeowners, business owners, and paving contractors all make is poor planning. No two pavement jobs are exactly alike, so each one needs to be taken as a brand new, unique project. Determining the grade of the drive, water drainage, traffic flow, and more are just the beginning. Take the time to sit down with your contractor and hash out the details of what you need and how they will address it.

#3: Insufficient Materials

Asphalt is one of the most durable substances in modern construction, but it must be handled with care to achieve that. Poor quality materials, inaccurate temperature moderation, and fluctuating application can all read to poorly poured projects. Question your contractor on how they control these areas and what their policies are for an insufficient job.

#4: Rushing the Job

Cutting corners or rushing a project is another paving mistake to watch out for. Never pressure your contractors to rush a job, as it will only lead to failure. Your crew will understand the need to ensure that asphalt thickness and depth are consistent, as well as that compaction needs time to be completed. If you are concerned about rushing a job, secure an appropriate timeline before the project with wiggle room for unexpected events like heavy rain.

#5: Improper Sealant Application

Lastly, a common paving mistake to watch out for is improper sealant application. This often happens when homeowners or business owners try to save a buck and do it themselves. Sealing asphalt is not an easy process, and many end up applying the sealant too soon. We highly recommend speaking with your paving contractor about their sealant services and scheduling the project when they recommend.

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